Electrical faults in the home

Imagine this: your day is busy – washing, ironing, cooking, working, entertaining, charging your phone – all tasks that need electricity to be completed properly.

Suddenly, in the middle of it all, the power goes off. Perhaps to the whole house, but more commonly to just one group of power sockets or lights.

What do you do and how do you fix it?

Before you call us at Well Connected Electrical Services, you can try solving the problem yourself. The two most common faults that are usually the cause are an overloaded circuit or a wiring fault and it is fairly easy to work out which is to blame.

Lights can blow the fuse if a light bulb blows or a fault occurs on the circuit. To identify the problem:

  • Turn off all the lights and reset the tripped fuse.
  • Turn on the lights one at a time.
  • If there is a faulty light, it will trip the fuse.
  • Turn it off, reset the fuse, and turn on other lights again – ensuring the faulty one is left switched off until one of our electricians can attend your property.

With power points, 90% of the time the cause will be a faulty appliance. Another reason is too many appliances running on one circuit, which can cause the fuse to blow. Faulty wiring can also blow the fuse. To identify the cause:

  • Turn off all your appliances.
  • Turn them on one at a time.
  • If one trips the fuse straight away, you have found the faulty appliance.
  • If the fuse blows after a little while, the problem is likely a circuit overload.

Establishing whether it is a fault or an overload will make it quicker for our electrician to fix the problem. Instead of spending time identifying the cause, we can go to the fault direct and get it fixed, saving us time and you money.

And remember, always hire a qualified, registered and insured electrical contractor, such as Well Connected Electrical Services to carry out any electrical repairs in your home.

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