Energy-Saving Tips for the Holiday Season

With Christmas lights and decorations up in shops, offices and homes all around Australia, it is time to think about how much these illuminated ornaments add to your energy usage and bill. Check out these useful tips to reduce your energy usage over Christmas:

  • Replace your Christmas lights with LEDs

It’s easy to just pull out the old Christmas decoration box and string up the same lights you’ve used for years! However, did you know that LED holiday lights consume up to 90% less energy than conventional (older) lights?

LED lights are more effective and long-lasting than incandescent lights because they create light from light-emitting diodes rather than filaments. They can last up to 25 times longer than standard lights and don’t go out; instead, they slowly gradually get dimmer. They are considerably safer than standard lights because they also don’t produce much heat. They are not that expensive either, for under $20, you can purchase a nice set of 100 lights.

  • Embrace Technology by Opting for Fibre Optic Décor

Having a fibre optic tree and decorations is another way to reduce your energy costs. Fibre optic trees may appear a bit extravagant if you prefer a more conventional approach to decoration, but their lights often endure 200,000 hours, or 20 years. When compared to conventional lighting, the energy cost savings are expected to be over 90%, placing them in the same category as LED lights. The savings here are in the tree’s lifespan and the fact that no lights are required. It comes out of the box and goes up! These trees can cost as little as $100.

  • Don’t Leave the Lights on For Too Long

With daylight savings in many states of Australia, you need to have the lights on all the time. Use a timer to turn them on when it is dark and off again when it is bedtime.

Another tip is to turn off additional lights inside the home. If you have your Christmas tree lit up, try turning off the main light in the room to better enjoy the atmosphere of the coloured twinkly lights!

  • Use a Good Power Board

We are all guilty of hiding an outdated multi-plug power board at the bottom of the Christmas decoration boxes! Perhaps it is time to splash out and get a new one. You can save on energy by investing in a modern plug which will regulate current properly and make sure that electricity does not go to waste. It’s also an excellent idea for the sake of health and safety. A fuse is simple to blow and doing so could result in harm to the household electric circuits or appliances.

  • Don’t Overdo It

According to tradition, you should decorate for Christmas 12 days before and 12 days after the big day. If you want to start early, do you really need to turn on the lights? Hang up the non-illuminated decorations first and enjoy the savings on your power bill!  Before spending money on new lights, check your decorations box early and see what you already have. Making the switch to energy-efficient decorations should be your first focus, and invest in quality pieces that will last several years rather than cheap and cheerful for just one year (you’ll be helping the environment too)!

  • Make the Most of your Air Conditioning Unit

If the weather forecast is for hot and humid, you should probably turn on the air conditioning! The most important thing to keep in mind is that the thermostat does not need to be set at 17 degrees! A comfy temperature is 22 degrees – it is both cooling and efficient. Make sure incoming and outgoing family members close the exterior doors on their way in and out. Another tip is that the air con thermostat will be fooled into believing it is hotter than it actually is if you position heat-emitting decorations close to it.

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