Many accidental domestic fires in Australia are caused by electrical faults.

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According to NSW Fire & Rescue, 40% of residential fires in NSW caused by electrical appliances or faults. – COMMON HOME FIRES NSW Fire & Rescue

  • How would it feel to lose your possessions and memories?
  • It would frightening watching your house on fire…
  • Fires Kill… You or your family don’t want to become another sad statistic…
  • No one wants to go through the hassle of making insurance claims…

40% of domestic fires in Australia are caused by faulty wiring

40% of accidental domestic fires in Australia are caused by electrical faults. The main reasons behind these accidents are old, faulty wiring or low-quality electrical appliances

People underestimate the risks associated with electricity.

The electrical wiring in a house, like everything else, deteriorates or develops faults over time and if it’s not replaced, could eventually lead to serious fire hazards.

Having old wiring, worn out sockets & switches causes many of the electrical fires in Australia.

Ensuring you and your family are safe. It’s crucial to keep your property’s wiring in good shape.

You can improve the safety and functionality of your home by rewiring your house.

You can also take this as an opportunity to add more switches and plugs for all your household appliances, home computers, etc.

You know that power plug you’ve always wanted near your desk.

And if you are planning to sell an older property, electrical rewiring can boost its visual appeal and value.

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