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In today’s changing world, more of us are working from home than ever before. For many, this has meant adapting an existing space to fit our computer, tablet or laptop, printer, extra monitors, and all the other bits we need to do our jobs.

Having an optimised home office set up can help to ensure that you remain productive and efficient. Setting up your home office can be challenging without the right electrical set up, so we have some home office electrical setup tips for you! It is a good idea to plan what you need before you call an electrician, to save time and money at the install stage.

Many modern office spaces require a fairly large number of electrical devices to ensure efficiency. Some tips to consider when preparing your home office’s electrical setup include:

Provide Plenty of Electrical Outlets

Home offices typically include a number of electrical devices that require a power source. Computers, tablets, printers, phone chargers, extra monitors, floor and desk lamps, and more are all extremely common in home offices, so make sure that you have plenty of power outlets throughout your space. Even if you have an idea of how you want to set up your home office, you might find that your preferred layout changes after a bit of time working in the office, so it is important to set up outlets throughout your space so that you can move things around easily.

Consider installing power points with built-in USB charger ports, to make charging your phone and other devices easier. USB ports negate the need for bulky power plugs and mean the power points are left free for other equipment.

Surge Protector

An RCD (residual-current device) is a device that quickly breaks an electrical circuit to prevent serious harm from electric shock. They are designed to quickly and automatically disconnect a circuit when it detects a leak. This is important for both your safety, and that of your plugged in equipment.


Setting up your home office to be comfortable is very important! It might be helpful to have a spit-system air conditioning unit installed in your workspace.


You may find your existing lights do not give you optimum illumination for computer work. It is important you don’t create screen glare from your lighting, to prevent eye strain. Downlights can make a huge difference in lighting your work space and are very cheap to run.


Most of us use a mobile phone nowadays, but some people may find it beneficial to have an additional phone line or point installed in their new office space.

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