How to Keep Cool This Summer While Saving Money on Energy

Now the weather is warming up, here are several simple ways to stay cool throughout our Australian summer without ramping up your electricity bill.

Don’t use the air con too much

When it’s hot outside, you generally turn to the air conditioner first. Although it is very effective at keeping your home cool, a fan might be a better option as it is less expensive to operate. They consume a lot less energy and are effective at cooling particular areas of a room. One of the best things about ceiling fans, is that their operating costs can be as little as two cents per hour! If you don’t have ceiling fans but are using a pedestal fan, the best location for it is close to your windows so it can blow cold air throughout the house.

During those persistent hot days and nights, sometimes the fan just isn’t enough, and an air conditioner may be a better option. It’s a good idea to give the filters a good clean on a regular basis and replace when necessary, to ensure that your air conditioner is operating effectively and not consuming more energy than it should.

The temperature that you set your air conditioner to can significantly affect your bill. It’s preferable to set your air conditioner at 24°C or above, even on those extremely hot days, as each degree cooler consumes 5% more electricity. Use your air conditioner only when the outside temperature exceeds 30°C for even greater cost savings.

If you’re not utilising all of your home’s rooms, only use air conditioning in the parts you are using. If you have a ducted system with different zones, close the doors to the areas not being used and only run the system in the zones you are in.

Daytime cooling and evening breezes

It’s best to keep your windows closed during the day when the air conditioner is running to ensure that the cold air doesn’t escape. However, try opening the window to bring some fresh air in at night when the temperature has fallen and there may be a breeze.

Keep the sun away from your house

Even though it’s lovely to have the sun shine into your home, it also raises the temperature. In summer, this makes your air conditioner work more to cool the space.

Simply by utilising blinds, drapes, or window shades to block the sun, you can lower the temperature of your home by up to three degrees. Additionally, window coverings with white surfaces that face the outside will reflect the light and cool your space even more effectively.

Investing in a shade cloth for your garden or window tinting on north-facing windows is an additional simple and affordable option to block the sun and heat.

Easy ideas for keeping cool and conserving energy

  1. Use a ceiling or pedestal fan over air conditioning whenever possible.
  2. Set your air conditioning at 24 degrees or higher and only run when outside temperatures are over 30 degrees.
  3. Only cool the spaces of your home that you are using.
  4. When running the air conditioner, keep your doors and windows closed.
  5. To let the cold air inside at night, open your windows.
  6. To prevent sunlight from heating up the house, use blinds, drapes, and curtains.

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