Office Lighting Design Ideas

Last time, we talked about the ideal home office electrical setup. Now we move to your home office lighting. The right lighting is important to reduce eye strain, eliminate dark areas, and create a welcoming, productive space for your home office.

Traditional office lighting is well known for being a bit depressing, but things have changed recently! While fluorescent lights have been a big feature in office lighting for years, there are now plenty of other options available that can be used to brighten up an office space.

The lighting that you incorporate into your office space will depend on the main purpose of the space/room, the type of work that you need to be illuminated, the overall design and layout of the area, and your personal preferences. Some ideas to consider for home office lighting include:

LED Strip Lighting

LED strips can be used creatively in many ways. They can be used as accent lighting, hidden under cupboards, desks or along skirting boards, or as main lighting fixtures. In many modern office spaces, LED strip lights are used in recessed architectural designs to offer a subtle glowing effect.

Pendants and Hanging Lights

Whether your home office has common areas or set workspaces, pendant or hanging lights can be functional, stylish and offer a comforting space.

Floor or Desk Lamps

Floor and desk lamps can be excellent office lighting when done right. Lamps offer flexibility as well as style and efficiency. There are so many options available. You can always choose to have an electrician wire these lights into your light switch setup to offer convenience.

Warmer Ambient Lighting

Fluorescent lights has largely been replaced with LED lighting. Gone is the old “wait, wait, flash, flash” scenario when turning on an old-school fluorescent light. LED lights turn on instantly and offer warmer ambient lighting. Replacing an older fluorescent fixture with a more stylish recessed light fixture is a great way to bring better, more inspiring light to an office.

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